Our advice is always free, but you are welcome to make a donation if you wish.

If you need advice, please ring us on 0161 636 7555.

If you live in Greater Manchester, and you have recently been diagnosed with lung cancer or mesothelioma, your hospital may have asked us to ring you.

Advice on benefits

If you have an asbestos-related disease, we can advise you about any social security benefits you can claim.

There are some benefits you may be able to claim even if you are relatively well-off.

To give you the correct advice, we will need to know which asbestos-related disease you have. You cannot get social security benefits for pleural plaques.

If you are the family member of someone with an asbestos-related disease who has recently passed away, you may be able to claim social security benefits.

If we think you are entitled to claim social security benefits, we will usually visit you in your own home to help you with the claim forms.

Advice on compensation

Though we are not solicitors, we can give you basic information on claiming civil compensation, and we can give the contact details of recommended solicitors.

You cannot claim civil compensation for pleural plaques if your only exposure to asbestos occurred in England.

GMAVSG abides by the Solicitors Regulation Authority Referral Code. We provide a list of solicitors who are experts in asbestos litigation and who act only for claimants. We never provide one solicitor selected from the list. We always provide the list in full for clients to choose from, if they wish to do so. We never contact any solicitor on behalf of our clients. We explain clearly that we receive an annual charitable donation from the solicitors on the list, which is not based on referrals to solicitors. We never refer any of our clients to solicitors. We provide a transparent and clear explanation of how we abide by the Referral Code to all our clients.

Data Protection

Information on what we manage our clients’ data can be found in this document: GMAVSG Privacy Notice April 2018